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Getting there, slowly…


Ok, so I have been back on the Celebrity Slim for a week now. I started off at 117.8kg and am now weighing in at 115.6kg, which I am most pleased about. Yes it’s nowhere near the 7 lbs I lost in the first week when I did CS in December, but it’s definitely all moving into the right direction. After all, this is the lowest I have weighed in about three years, maybe even four. Mr. W. ( yes he is back on the scene) is all worried that I will weigh less than him in a couple of weeks, which makes me giggle. It’s been years since I weighed less than my partner.

I really need to start working out more regularly. Now that my anaemia is much better, not 100% gone but a lot better, I really should commit a bit more to my workouts. Going to do some Yoga I think, this might just help my knackered rotator cuff too, as swimming is becoming a bit of a nightmare because of it. I enjoy the swims, but Christ are they painful and the night after it is particularly painful despite heat treatment etc..  Other than that I am fine healthwise. I have a lot more energy, now that I actually have some blood to pump around my body and I feel really motivated. Let’s hope everything stays as well as it is going now 🙂


Ok Pilates, you’ve proved me wrong

Curso de Instructor de Pilates

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As I am getting more and more into the whole idea of working out, I am exploring different ways of working out. Yesterday I tried Pilates, because it looked like one of those “easy going” workouts. You know, not one of those where arms and legs are flying as my shoulder is giving me a lot of trouble lately and I also thought it would be a nice easy way of settling into a routine.

Oh my god, how wrong I was! While doing it, it managed to get my heart rate up to 135 and now, a day later, I hurt, I hurt bad! My abs are screaming for a hot bath and a massage not to mention my butt and my legs. And honestly, while I was doing it it really didn’t seem all that bad. So yeah, thumbs up for Pilates I say!

Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming


Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming.

A good tool for those who like it Nutrition Calculator :: McDonalds.co.uk


Nutrition Calculator :: McDonalds.co.uk.

Not something I would waste my calories on anymore but some might like it…trust me you will be surprised and it won’t be a pleasant one hahaha

The Best Running Shoes For Overweight People | LIVESTRONG.COM


Good to know when you are thinking of hitting the road 🙂

The Best Running Shoes For Overweight People | LIVESTRONG.COM.