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Ok, I admit it… I suck!


It’s been a long long time since I have written anything here, but I had a lot going on in my life and to be honest I simply could not be bothered. Now I am back and I hope some of you are still with me and haven’t deserted me.

So what’s new? I am being made redundant and have to find a new job asap which really sucks. My eldest is moving out on saturday, which in a way is cool because I do hope it will improve our relationship to some extent. I have also gained about half a stone and am now weighing in at 116.5kg when I checked two days ago. My doctor has said I am producing too much androgens, so right now I am keen to get back to working out again but also worried that I over do it and end up building up too much muscle… so no weights and all cardio for me I guess.

What worries me the most is how addicted to carbs I seemed to have gotten since I stopped the celebrity slim, so expect a really cranky Moni over the next few days.

Anyhow, I am back and it feels good to write this and I am hoping that you guys are as supportive as you were before even though I suck big time at sticking to things lol Will post more tomorrow after my weigh in… Oh and then I will actually fill you in about my maybe a little insane goal and why I have set it hehe. So keep your eyes peeled. Night night 


20 lbs, Uni it’s all good.:-)


Yesterday was a good day. When I got onto the scales they finally showed 114.6kg. So not just that I am finall . under the 115kg, I have also now lost 20lbs since I have started the whole weight loss thing. This is great motivation and I really can’t wait now do get past the 110kg. 4.6 kg to go…

So tomorrow I am starting into a very motivated week. Even though I have a super sore throat and a bit of a croaky voice my spirits are high.

Another bit of good news came for me two days ago. I got an interview at Edge Hill University 🙂 so, Fingers crossed, if they accept me I will be on my way to becoming a teacher in September.

You know, I think everyone , if they think back,to their school days, remembers that one fat teacher they had. I am so glad that I am definitely not going to be one of those now 🙂



how pretty is that?? This will be part of a new top for me 🙂

un punto a la vez • one stitch at a time

Hook according to the yarn of your choice.

I used a Light Fingering / 3 ply yarn and 3mm hook.

ch – chain  •   sc – single crochet   •   dc – double crochet  •  sl st – slip stitch

Make a circle:  Ch 4 ,  join with sl st.

  1. ch 1, 12 sc, sl st  in first sc.
  2. ch 3 (this is the first dc and ch1 of the round), * dc in next st, ch1*,  repeat   * * 10 more times, join with sl st to 3rd chain of the first ch3 (12 dc and 12 ch).
  3. sl st to next ch1 space and ch 1, sc in same space, * ch4, sc in next ch1 space, ch4 , sc in next ch1 space, ch8, sc in next ch1 space*, repeat * * 3 more times but in the last repetition don’t do the last  sc, just sl…

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10 Things To Remember About Your Yoga Practice in 2012. ~ Tami Apland‏ | elephant journal


10 Things To Remember About Your Yoga Practice in 2012. ~ Tami Apland‏ | elephant journal.


i loed reading it so much i shall write them down and hang them up where i work out 🙂

Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming


Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming.

Patience, a vital ingredient for your diet


We all know this feeling of total motivation in the first few days of our diets. We buy all the healthy food, maybe even have the intention of working out, some even do! But after about a week or two at the latest, when weight loss slows down or even comes to a standstill, we get frustrated. This is the point where most people give up. Yes I know, because I have done it just like that many times.

It has now been almost eight weeks since I have “changed my life style”. I am not allowed to call it a diet my daughter said, as it’s a choice I am making for the rest of my life. I guess that’s where my age shows. Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was still a diet, because you were losing weight. Anyhow now I am waffling. In the last eight weeks I have lost 15 lbs. The first seven virtually dropped off me, as I went for the low carb approach with Celebrity Slim,

Even though Celebrity Slim claims to be a calorie controlled diet, it is very low in carbs, so low that I almost fainted a few times while I was out and about. Not my idea of fun I tell you and from what I have heard, I was not the only one feeling totally washed out and exhausted on this diet.

So two weeks ago, after a week off all diets, I decided to up my carb intake and just count my calories. I was terrified of putting the lost weight, which was 12 lbs by then, back on and I was so desperate to finally hit the 14 lb mark. But thanks to my friend Brett Day, who encouraged me to add more carbs and is the best example of that they are not the source of all evil, I stuck to it and am now seeing results. My weight loss has slowed down, but I am eating a normal, healthy, calorie controlled diet, where I can eat anything I like, but in moderation. Yes, I am even eating a bit of chocolate now and then and don’t even feel bad for it.

Yes, it might have taken me almost a month to finally get to the 14lb mark, but to be honest, I feel better for it. I have energy, don’t feel tired and snappy all the time and I know now that I can keep this up for as long as it takes.

After all, good things come to those who wait, patiently.

Hang in there people 🙂

What an awesome guy -12 weeks 45.5lbs lighter


Go and check out my friend Brett’s blog. We have never met but you know what, he is an awesome dude. So motivating and also understanding and always there to talk to. And Brett, if you read this, you are doing amazing, keep up the brill work and thanks again for last night, it’s good to talk 🙂

12 weeks 45.5lbs lighter.

Slacking in every sense!


First of all, sorry I have not been writing that much in the last week but things got a little hectic, you know what it’s like.

I really am going to pull my finger out this week and try and get some exercise done, otherwise all the dieting in the world is not going to help me get healthy. So I have previously posted my intended walking routine which I am hoping to do every lunch time. I work from home, therefore I don’t move a lot and that needs to change. All these little aches and pains I have are all due to no exercise and I really would love to get started again.

The exercise department and blog writing are not the only areas I have been slacking in for the last week. I have taken a very “relaxed” attitude to my diet too, which I know is not too clever. I even had a few pieces of chocolate now and then. I know it’s naughty, but I guess I enjoy the new ability of just having a couple of pieces instead of an entire bar or box. So yes, I have developed the naughty habit of having tow or three quality streets at night. Ok, they are only two or three but it already seems enough for me to stop losing weight, as I am firmly stuck on 118 kg.

So I really only have two choices, finally get moving or sacking off my chocolate treat habit… hmm I think tonight I will leave the chocolate in the box and hopefully the weather won’t be as lethal as it has been tomorrow so I can actually walk outside. For tonight I guess the exercise will be a walking workout at home, meh!

A lucky escape!


I have spent the weekend at Mr. W’s house, which was really nice and relaxing, but what really wasn’t nice and relaxing was the temptation which was lurking everywhere. In my house the fridge is now not carb free but there is always something “nice” for me to snack on, if i should get peckish. At his house it went as far as an apple and his mum had been so nice to get a big bowl of salad in. Not knowing what I was allowed to eat and what not, she had bought grapes and tangerines 😦 I love grapes and tangerines! But unfortunately they are off the menu for the next few weeks. Oh and she had also bought my most favourite orange juice ( Tesco’s finest with bits) which Mr.W thoroughly enjoyed drinking grrrrr. Yes it definitely was not easy being a good girl in the last two days.

However, my willpower was put to it’s ultimate test last night, when I started feeling pretty shaky, faint and as a result of that I guess, a little anxious. I think it was down do low blood sugar, as I have missed a few of my snacks while being at Mr.W’s and it was sooooo tempting to just find something sweet and munch on it until I felt better. Mr.W’s, who by the way does not approve of this kind of diet whatsoever, got close to just feeding me a marsbar, bless him. So I was very surprised with myself when I said, “No, I am going to wait for dinner (beef, veg and gravy) and see how it goes then.” So I ate that and still felt a little funny, so I had a cup of tea with two slightly naughty sugars in.

To be truthful, I have been feeling a little guilty because of that, but now that I have had a quick look how many gramms of carbs are in a tsb of sugar I am not so worried anymore. At 5g per tsb I think i am pretty safe of not having ruined an entire weekend of being good.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh in and I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself already regardless of what the scales show tomorrow.