The excitement that is yoga…


As previously mentioned, I am trying various workouts at the moment, to find the one that I really like and would like to stick with. All sounds a lot easier than it is, as I am a terrible fuss pot. I think you can put the challenge up there with finding the man for life… So yes, maybe it’s even impossible, haha.

Anyhow, I have got this Yoga DVD of a friend of mine and have sat down and watched this. Up until then I thought, Yoga was something more chilled out, meant for relaxation. I never thought you could actually get a really good workout from it. But yes, after having a close look, it’s a bit like Pilates and I like the whole idea of developing body strength slowly and not by jumping around like mad. Yes I know I still have a bit of a couch potato attitude, but I want to start working out slowly and not over do it and put myself off again for a long time.

So, I have ordered a yoga mat and blocks and hopefully I will become a bit of a yogi πŸ™‚ will tell you more once I have tried it….

Oh and one totally off topic…. I dyed my hair bright red… Look πŸ™‚



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