Slacking in every sense!


First of all, sorry I have not been writing that much in the last week but things got a little hectic, you know what it’s like.

I really am going to pull my finger out this week and try and get some exercise done, otherwise all the dieting in the world is not going to help me get healthy. So I have previously posted my intended walking routine which I am hoping to do every lunch time. I work from home, therefore I don’t move a lot and that needs to change. All these little aches and pains I have are all due to no exercise and I really would love to get started again.

The exercise department and blog writing are not the only areas I have been slacking in for the last week. I have taken a very “relaxed” attitude to my diet too, which I know is not too clever. I even had a few pieces of chocolate now and then. I know it’s naughty, but I guess I enjoy the new ability of just having a couple of pieces instead of an entire bar or box. So yes, I have developed the naughty habit of having tow or three quality streets at night. Ok, they are only two or three but it already seems enough for me to stop losing weight, as I am firmly stuck on 118 kg.

So I really only have two choices, finally get moving or sacking off my chocolate treat habit… hmm I think tonight I will leave the chocolate in the box and hopefully the weather won’t be as lethal as it has been tomorrow so I can actually walk outside. For tonight I guess the exercise will be a walking workout at home, meh!


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