The disadvantage of sleeping in


I have had a few days off over Christmas and New Year. Normally I get up around six or seven o’clock when I am working. But over the last few days I have been sleeping longer and longer to the point where I slept til about 11 am! Yeah great, you may think, some well earned rest. Which I guess in a way is true but also what I have noticed yesterday as I was hanging with my friend Sarah, I have skipped several meals because of that and really, when on Celebrity Slim, it is not a good idea as the calories over the day are already low. So I was stood there yesterday and suddenly started feeling all weak and faint and really as if I was just about to collapse. Even Sarah who really is not the most sympathetic one, said I looked awful.

I was wondering what was wrong with me, until it dawned on me that I must have been running on about 500-600 calories a day for the past four days!!! By sleeping in I missed out on my breakfast and my mid morning snack and because I had my lunch so late I normally waited til dinner time to eat again, yet again skipping another snack. So yeah, so much for sleep being good for ya lol. To make myself feel better I had a nice pint of orange juice and a piece of salmon with spinach and stuff and then when I got home I had two cups of tea with a little sugar.

Today I slept pretty late again as the kids slept til noon, but I am not going to make the same mistake again that’s for sure…


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