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10 Things To Remember About Your Yoga Practice in 2012. ~ Tami Apland‏ | elephant journal


10 Things To Remember About Your Yoga Practice in 2012. ~ Tami Apland‏ | elephant journal.


i loed reading it so much i shall write them down and hang them up where i work out 🙂


The excitement that is yoga…


As previously mentioned, I am trying various workouts at the moment, to find the one that I really like and would like to stick with. All sounds a lot easier than it is, as I am a terrible fuss pot. I think you can put the challenge up there with finding the man for life… So yes, maybe it’s even impossible, haha.

Anyhow, I have got this Yoga DVD of a friend of mine and have sat down and watched this. Up until then I thought, Yoga was something more chilled out, meant for relaxation. I never thought you could actually get a really good workout from it. But yes, after having a close look, it’s a bit like Pilates and I like the whole idea of developing body strength slowly and not by jumping around like mad. Yes I know I still have a bit of a couch potato attitude, but I want to start working out slowly and not over do it and put myself off again for a long time.

So, I have ordered a yoga mat and blocks and hopefully I will become a bit of a yogi 🙂 will tell you more once I have tried it….

Oh and one totally off topic…. I dyed my hair bright red… Look 🙂


Another present for Saru… Crochet in style ;-)


This Christmas me and my friend Saru have decided to only give each other hand-made pressies, as we did not get to see each other over Christmas ours will be this Saturday. Saru has only started with crochet about a year ago so she is not all that well equipped yet, therefore I decided to make her a bag for her hooks. When I started, I had no idea what it was supposed to look like once it was finished, but then I came across a really nice piece of fabric and it kind of all happened from there.

I first wanted to make the closing mechanism (would you still call it a mechanism when it comes to items like this? Oh well you know what I mean) out of ribbons which I wanted to sew at the back of the square bit, soon realised it would be too fiddly if you wanted to quickly put something away, so I went for buttons instead. But once they were on they looked really boring, so I decided to make flowers as their button holes to brighten the whole thing up ( as if the colours wouldn’t be bright enough already).

My sewing, as you can see on the close-ups really could do with refining, but I guess for my first attempt as a grown up (a grown up with terrible eye sight I may add) I don’t think it’s all that bad. But there is definitely some practice needed ( or maybe just more light when I work). Anyhow, there it is… another pressie for Saru! I hope she likes it 🙂

Ok Pilates, you’ve proved me wrong

Curso de Instructor de Pilates

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As I am getting more and more into the whole idea of working out, I am exploring different ways of working out. Yesterday I tried Pilates, because it looked like one of those “easy going” workouts. You know, not one of those where arms and legs are flying as my shoulder is giving me a lot of trouble lately and I also thought it would be a nice easy way of settling into a routine.

Oh my god, how wrong I was! While doing it, it managed to get my heart rate up to 135 and now, a day later, I hurt, I hurt bad! My abs are screaming for a hot bath and a massage not to mention my butt and my legs. And honestly, while I was doing it it really didn’t seem all that bad. So yeah, thumbs up for Pilates I say!

Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming


Swimming’s super eight: women | Swimming.

Patience, a vital ingredient for your diet


We all know this feeling of total motivation in the first few days of our diets. We buy all the healthy food, maybe even have the intention of working out, some even do! But after about a week or two at the latest, when weight loss slows down or even comes to a standstill, we get frustrated. This is the point where most people give up. Yes I know, because I have done it just like that many times.

It has now been almost eight weeks since I have “changed my life style”. I am not allowed to call it a diet my daughter said, as it’s a choice I am making for the rest of my life. I guess that’s where my age shows. Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was still a diet, because you were losing weight. Anyhow now I am waffling. In the last eight weeks I have lost 15 lbs. The first seven virtually dropped off me, as I went for the low carb approach with Celebrity Slim,

Even though Celebrity Slim claims to be a calorie controlled diet, it is very low in carbs, so low that I almost fainted a few times while I was out and about. Not my idea of fun I tell you and from what I have heard, I was not the only one feeling totally washed out and exhausted on this diet.

So two weeks ago, after a week off all diets, I decided to up my carb intake and just count my calories. I was terrified of putting the lost weight, which was 12 lbs by then, back on and I was so desperate to finally hit the 14 lb mark. But thanks to my friend Brett Day, who encouraged me to add more carbs and is the best example of that they are not the source of all evil, I stuck to it and am now seeing results. My weight loss has slowed down, but I am eating a normal, healthy, calorie controlled diet, where I can eat anything I like, but in moderation. Yes, I am even eating a bit of chocolate now and then and don’t even feel bad for it.

Yes, it might have taken me almost a month to finally get to the 14lb mark, but to be honest, I feel better for it. I have energy, don’t feel tired and snappy all the time and I know now that I can keep this up for as long as it takes.

After all, good things come to those who wait, patiently.

Hang in there people 🙂

Trial and error


This is what my diet can be described as at the moment. One day is good, the next is bad… it’s difficult to stick to a meal plan at the moment and not to go and raid the fridge or my sweety drawer. In fact, I shouldn’t even be having a sweety drawer anymore! Oh well, all I need to do is start working out in the pool again and things will be ok. So that will be my next venture for the upcoming week, get to the  pool and actually get in there!

I really don’t know what is holding me back and why I am so paranoid about the whole thing. I just have to think about getting in the pool and swimming and I get anxious 😦 not impressed at all.

A good tool for those who like it Nutrition Calculator ::


Nutrition Calculator ::

Not something I would waste my calories on anymore but some might like it…trust me you will be surprised and it won’t be a pleasant one hahaha

Some diets are just not made for single parents :-/


I am a bit annoyed. Actually, let me rephrase that, I am very annoyed! So far my progress has been really good on the Celebrity slim diet. I have lost almost a stone and would have loved to continue that, but unfortunately money is really tight at the moment therefore I have to stop doing it, which really does not make me a happy panda.

So now I am a bit lost as for what to eat as , to be honest, I am not the greatest cook and with three kids and a full time job time is precious. So tonight I am going to raid the internet for easy to follow recipes which are not going to break the bank either.

I have decided to have a minimum of 1400 calories a day, as my job is very sedentary and I am not doing loads of exercise just yet. Another thing I am going to do is double my carb intake again. Yes fine it made me lose lots of weight but I have been feeling a little under the weather since lowering my daily carb intake. So that won’t be more than 200g a day.

To be honest I am bricking it a little that I will put all the lost weight back on but I guess thats where exercise comes into it.

Fingers crossed X