What a dilemma….!


Ok everyone, it is new years eve… I have lost 13lbs this month, which if i may say so myself, is pretty damn good going. I am just under a pound away from having lost a stone and downstairs, my darling daughter is preparing the most lovely buffet…. Shall I or shall I not is the question. I could eat the entire thing, thats the kind of mood I am in, but I know if I do eat that then I will not be a stone lighter by the next weigh-in.

I wish I could just be happy and satisfied with the huge amount I have lost this week but somehow this 400 g that I need for the 14lbs is really bugging me….. hmmmm, I just don’t know…I think I’ll have a google about some of the calorie content of some of the stuff downstairs maybe it’s not as bad as I think and I am safe having some of the stuff, other than tomatoes and cucumber sticks…Or maybe if I have a look at some of the calories I will be totally put off from eating any of it hehehe… I guess by tomorrow we shall know how it went. I am most probably getting a little too obsessed with things… I’d like to think of it as passionate though.

Anyhow, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a happy and healthy 2012 may all your dreams and ambitions come true


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