Not a happy panda!


I really get on well with my neighbours, the kids play together and every now and then we have a brew together, I even share my internet connection with them! But yesterday my neighbour really put this friendship at risk as he greeted me at the door with these three lovelies, wishing me a merry Christmas and pointing out how the Bailey’s chocolates are my favourites (obviously he was really proud to have remembered this, he is male after all).

Yes, the Bailey’s chocolates are my favourites and I could happily munch my way through a whole box of them in one sitting but PLEASE not when I am on a diet lol and there is no way he could have missed that fact as it is all over facebook… grrrrr.

So yes, as sweet (literally) as the pressies are I would have been more happy about a pair of socks or something else totally random lol… Now I am sat here with temptation lurking in my wardrobe ( that’s where I hid them to get out of my face). I can quite easily ignore the quality street and the celebrations but the Bailey’s chocolates are talking to me…..

Oh well its Christmas eve soon so I can have a couple and the rest will be eaten in pairs of two for every kilo I lose… god knows what I will do with the rest as the kids already have loads of sweets for Christmas and I don’t want them to put on what I lose 🙂


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