How NOT to get tempted to raid the fridge



Here is a little habit I have formed over the last few days… My snack plate!

At the beginning of my diet I always had the problem of feeling peckish and going to the fridge and then looking at all the yummy stuff in there that I am not allowed to eat. It was SO tempting to go for the stuff that I didn’t allow myself. And this scenario happened several times a day. Then I thought, there must be a way of stopping this, because I really wanted my diet to work this time and last longer than a week.

So every morning, when I make my breakfast shake, I get a plate, go to the fridge and scan it for things that I will allow myself to eat and put them on my plate. I make sure that there are a lot of raw veggies, sometimes some berries or other food on there, which hardly have any calories, then I add some form of protein, such as slices of ham, a boiled egg or a bit of cheese and then take that upstairs to my desk from which I work all day.

This way I don’t have to go to the fridge again for the rest of the day and don’t get tempted into eating stuff which is not good for me and I don’t feel hungry all the time either 🙂

Try it you might like it 🙂


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