Damn you scales!


Ok, so it was weigh-in this morning. I already knew that my super loss from last week was not going to be topped, so I was not skipping to the scales quite as enthusiastically as i did last week. But I really was not prepared for this.

I stepped on them and was quite happy to see 119.8 kg. That was me at my first mini goal of getting below 120 kg. So happy days really. Therefore I thought I’d share my little bit of success with you guys and take a picture to include in my post. I went to get my phone stood back on the scales and WHAT?! 120.01 KG !!!! I stepped off them and got back on again after a minute, still the same (That’ll be the biscuits, meh!).

Talk about being gutted or what? Damn you digital scales, this is not fair! So what do I do? Do I accept the last reading or the first one? I would feel a little bit of a cheat if I was to accept the first one, I think.

Oh well, no matter how I see it, it’s about a 3 lb loss this week. If I was at school I would expect a “could do better” under my work. I know, ideally I should be losing two lbs a week, but as impatient as I am I want it to be more. I am not really exercising at the moment, which doesn’t help, but that is something that I am hoping to sort out over the ten days I have off for Christmas. There was a time, not so long ago, maybe two years or so, where I swam a mile every day. I am hoping to get back to that by summer and then the weight will fall off me hopefully.

Right now the next goal is 115 kg, then I’ll be as heavy as Mr. W 🙂




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    • He is my boyfriend. I said to him that I don’t write about him on here (nobody I know is allowed to read my blog lol) So I just call him Mr.W. And yes you are right, it is a great motivator, hopefully that great that it will get me through the christmas season 🙂

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