The price of biscuits


Ok, so we baked, and baked, and guess what, they are still baking today. My house is overflowing with biscuits and cookies! Yes, they are having a great time baking and decorating them, which is really nice, but it’s killing me!!! The smell is lovely, it fills out the entire house and gets into my clothes and everything.

I must confess, yesterday when I got back from Mr. W’s house I had three biscuits 😦 But it REALLY wasn’t my fault. It would have been cruel and heartless not have some, as all three kids were stood there, asking me to sample their creations and were SO proud of them… So I did what any good mum would have done and had one of each :-/

The first one I didn’t enjoy at all because I knew I really shouldn’t be eating them, but they were really, really nice, therefore I didn’t mind the next two….. but now my body has had it’s sugar fix again and I ran round all night wanting something sweet. It almost drove me insane. The biscuits kept talking to me, reminding me of how nice they tasted and how one or two more wouldn’t hurt…

But I pulled myself together and thought: “No, if I have any more I might as well forget the last week of hard work to stick to this. So I am not going to give in!” And I didn’t have any for the rest of the day and reached for the baby plum tomatoes instead.

Now the little devils, ermmmmm I mean angels, are baking again and really, I would love to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a plate full of biscuits, but it’s weigh in day tomorrow and I so want to be below 120 kg, so again I will be good and keep myself busy with the hoodie which I am knitting for Mr.W for Christmas. Given the fact that I have only done the back and two thirds of the front so far, I have better things to do than stuff myself with rubbish anyhow 🙂

Have a nice, temptation free day everyone 🙂



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