I can’t get no sleep!!!!


Actually, let me rephrase that… I don’t want any sleep! It appears this unknown force has entered my body, it’s called ENERGY! And boy do I have a lot of it all of a sudden. It’s Saturday morning 9 am and I am up, dressed and ready to go out to brave the battle against the crowds in the supermarkets. This is unheard of! Normally I wouldn’t even get up before lunch time, the excuse being that I work all week etc., but let’s face it, I was being a fat, lazy lardy bum! ,

I am actually quite liking this new found energy, even though it killed my ability to sleep for any longer than eight hours. According to science that is enough anyhow. I am not quite sure if i can say that this energy has anything to do with the diet or with the fact that I am listening to what my body wants a little more, maybe it’s a combination of both, but whatever the reason, it’s kind of given me a bit of my life back that I thought I’d never find again, because if I am being honest, I hated sleeping half of the day away and not doing anything.

As for doing things with my extra hours in the day, today we are going to make Christmas biscuits. This will be a real challenge as I really do not intend to have a single one of them. It’s meant to be simply an activity to do with the children and maybe something nice, if they turn out ok, to add to a Christmas present.

Right, better get ready for action. Not even had my shake yet. I will post the results of our baking marathon on here in the next couple of days and if things turn out to be edible then I’ll post recipes too.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


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