Now mother nature, how about playing fair?!


So today is weigh in day, the day I have been looking forward to since yesterday when the scales told me I had lost 7 lbs so far. I was hoping to have at least maintained that or maybe lost the one extra lb to achieve my first mini goal, to get under the 120kg barrier.

Anyway, I get up this morning and skip to the scales full of enthusiasm, stand on them with a big, hopeful smile on my face, only to get slapped in the face by mother nature in the very same second. Because silly me has kind of, either forgotten or deliberately blocked out, which time of the month it is. You all know what I mean, the time where your body soaks up water, as if it was a camel getting ready for a four week trek in the desert! So my weight loss this week has been chopped to a bite size 5 lbs 😦

Ok, let’s focus on the bright side of things. I have lost 5 lbs, I finally feel like I am being proactive about the weight problem, I am feeling a lot less bloated since giving up high carb food…. Hmmmm what else, oh I have started writing this blog and to my surprise, there are people out there who are actually reading it 🙂 (Thank you so much by the way)

Oh and as Mr. W has so kindly pointed out, it will teach me not to weigh myself every day.




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