Saru’s birthday cushion


Saru's birthday cushion

This is something I did back in October this year for my friend Saru. Her and me are literally hooked on crochet and any other crafty idea that pops into our heads. Saru is a bit of a newbie when it comes to crochet ( I taught her:-) ) so I thought it would be a good idea to kind of turn her cushion into a little sampler, to show her what kind of stitches were possible.

Originally I wanted to make several different granny squares which I would then crochet together but then decided for this huge granny square option instead, as this way I wouldn’t have so many seams to worry about and it might be a little more comfortable when you put your head on it. The yarn I used for this is called smooth DK by King Cole and it really lives up to its name. It is lovely to work with, doesn’t split much, which is something that you really have to look out for when you want you use a yarn for crochet rather than knitting, as it is very annoying when you can’t work as fast as you like because your hook keeps getting caught in the yarn.

As for the stitches, I started off with a simple flower granny square (the instructions for this you will find in a video tutorial below. Thanks eliZZa). and then I just carried on with a double crochet all around, with a few variations like a few popcorn stitches or some drop down stitches to spice things up a little.

I have been crocheting for quite some time but never more than the odd blanket or so. It has only become a real hobby of mine since I met Saru at uni and I found someone who is just as passionate about crafty things as me. While making this cushion I have learned a few things.

1. When doing things like cushions, when you measure them always add a couple of centimetres to allow for the thickness of the item, otherwise you will end up with an open back.

2. When changing colours while crocheting in the round. Change to the new colour on the very last time when you pull the yarn through the last stitch in the previous row. so you already have a loop in the new colour when you chain up for the next row. Failing to do that will result in a not so neat colour change as you can see in the picture of the cushion. Oh well, we live and learn.


Here is how I made the flower in the middle of the cushion. Check out EliZZa’s other videos too, she is a real genious šŸ™‚


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