Celebrity Slim meal replacement bar crisis! Or, Chocolate isn’t everything!


Over the last week I have eaten a meal replacement bar for my lunch and I really enjoyed them as they were nutty and crunchy, they gave you the feeling of eating a “real” cereal bar. They are a decent size and even have a little bit of chocolate at the bottom and drizzled on top, which makes them even more of a treat.

So, today I have run out of my yummy bars, so I send my eldest who has the day off, to the chemist to get me some more BUT shock, horror no fruit and nut bars! The only available bars were the mint choc ones, so I thought ok, I’m sure they will be good too, expecting the same crunchy kind of cereal bar.

I already noticed the difference when i saw the packaging, they were a bit smaller and according to the picture on the wrapper covered in chocolate. Yummy, more chocolate I thought. After getting the bar out of the wrapper I was already a bit disappointed as they were about half the size of the nut bars. But hey, more chocolate I thought. Then I made the biggest mistake of the day, which was biting into it. Oh god nothing crunchy, no crispy bits or anything just a brown, chewy square thing, which honestly made me feel as if I was biting into a chunk of mint flavoured play dough. It took forever to chew and the taste was not too great either. Due to its doughy texture I am sure it will fill me up hours, but it really was no pleasure eating it and definitely not a treat.

So, I just rang around all of the chemists in town to get my beloved fruit and nut bar back, and luckily have found a chemist who still has some in stock. Phew, meal replacement bar nightmare over! Rant finished 🙂


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