A lucky escape!


I have spent the weekend at Mr. W’s house, which was really nice and relaxing, but what really wasn’t nice and relaxing was the temptation which was lurking everywhere. In my house the fridge is now not carb free but there is always something “nice” for me to snack on, if i should get peckish. At his house it went as far as an apple and his mum had been so nice to get a big bowl of salad in. Not knowing what I was allowed to eat and what not, she had bought grapes and tangerines 😦 I love grapes and tangerines! But unfortunately they are off the menu for the next few weeks. Oh and she had also bought my most favourite orange juice ( Tesco’s finest with bits) which Mr.W thoroughly enjoyed drinking grrrrr. Yes it definitely was not easy being a good girl in the last two days.

However, my willpower was put to it’s ultimate test last night, when I started feeling pretty shaky, faint and as a result of that I guess, a little anxious. I think it was down do low blood sugar, as I have missed a few of my snacks while being at Mr.W’s and it was sooooo tempting to just find something sweet and munch on it until I felt better. Mr.W’s, who by the way does not approve of this kind of diet whatsoever, got close to just feeding me a marsbar, bless him. So I was very surprised with myself when I said, “No, I am going to wait for dinner (beef, veg and gravy) and see how it goes then.” So I ate that and still felt a little funny, so I had a cup of tea with two slightly naughty sugars in.

To be truthful, I have been feeling a little guilty because of that, but now that I have had a quick look how many gramms of carbs are in a tsb of sugar I am not so worried anymore. At 5g per tsb I think i am pretty safe of not having ruined an entire weekend of being good.

Tomorrow is my first official weigh in and I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself already regardless of what the scales show tomorrow.



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