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What a dilemma….!


Ok everyone, it is new years eve… I have lost 13lbs this month, which if i may say so myself, is pretty damn good going. I am just under a pound away from having lost a stone and downstairs, my darling daughter is preparing the most lovely buffet…. Shall I or shall I not is the question. I could eat the entire thing, thats the kind of mood I am in, but I know if I do eat that then I will not be a stone lighter by the next weigh-in.

I wish I could just be happy and satisfied with the huge amount I have lost this week but somehow this 400 g that I need for the 14lbs is really bugging me….. hmmmm, I just don’t know…I think I’ll have a google about some of the calorie content of some of the stuff downstairs maybe it’s not as bad as I think and I am safe having some of the stuff, other than tomatoes and cucumber sticks…Or maybe if I have a look at some of the calories I will be totally put off from eating any of it hehehe… I guess by tomorrow we shall know how it went. I am most probably getting a little too obsessed with things… I’d like to think of it as passionate though.

Anyhow, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all of you a happy and healthy 2012 may all your dreams and ambitions come true


Real Hunger Comes Slowly


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And another happy day…


Just stepped on the scales and lost another 600g!!! Happy panda or what?! Only another 3 lbs and I will have lost my first stone, so can’t wait.

Having lost some weight now, kind of made me start thinking about how far I want to take this. Do I want to be a size I mean I know I will never be skinny. To be honest, I don’t want to be skinny. I want to be curvy and not the polite way for saying “fat” , I mean real curvy and sexy. Like this….

I mean look at her, she is not skin and bones. She got chunky arms and thighs but damn, she is gorgeous. I think that will do me fine and I am sure that you will agree with me here. After all, who wants skin and bones?

I am aware that I still have a LONG way to go, before I even remotely look like that but now I know that I will get there eventually and that is a good feeling to have.




Losing weight over Christmas kinda rocks :-)


So it was the dreaded weigh-in this morning. As hard as I tried to be good, of course I wasn’t good 100% of the time, but I guess making a mess of Christmas dinner actually helped. I was good all Christmas eve, which is my official Christmas, as we Germans (did I mention before that I am actually German?) celebrate on the 24th. What also helped me being good most of the time was this HUGE cold that my daughter gave me for Christmas (you really shouldn’t have Tee).

However, I felt so rotten and sorry for myself on Christmas day, that I “treated” myself to three crumpets with butter and strawberry jam and a cup of tea with two sugars. Thankfully that filled me up so much that I didn’t feel hungry until the evening, when I had two slices of toast with mature cheddar cheese and I had some of my Bailey’s chocolates. Other than that I have been a really good girl, but nevertheless I was terrified when I stepped onto the scales this morning. So when they showed a loss of exactly 2 Lbs for this week, I was super happy to finally have reached my goal of weighing less than 120 kg, now I am 119.1 kg.

Now I am hoping that my shake and bar delivery turns up soon, as I have run out of cereal bars and we all know how much I love my cereal bars lol Actually I love them that much, that I am going to walk to the local chemist today to actually get some, as the idea of ย having two shakes today does not really appeal to me.

So here I am, sat in my bed with a big grin on my face and actually feeling really proud of myself for the first time in a long time. I don’t think I was that chuffed with myself when I graduated with first class honours and I was quite chuffed there. Here is to another successful week!

I can eat what ever I like… It’s Christmas


Yet, I passed on the freshly backed rolls this morning and I am now sitting in Starbucks sipping peppermint tea without sugar… I rock ๐Ÿ™‚
Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone. May all your ambitions and wishes come true in 2012 xxxx

Not a happy panda!


I really get on well with my neighbours, the kids play together and every now and then we have a brew together, I even share my internet connection with them! But yesterday my neighbour really put this friendship at risk as he greeted me at the door with these three lovelies, wishing me a merry Christmas and pointing out how the Bailey’s chocolates are my favourites (obviously he was really proud to have remembered this, he is male after all).

Yes, the Bailey’s chocolates are my favourites and I could happily munch my way through a whole box of them in one sitting but PLEASE not when I am on a diet lol and there is no way he could have missed that fact as it is all over facebook… grrrrr.

So yes, as sweet (literally) as the pressies are I would have been more happy about a pair of socks or something else totally random lol… Now I am sat here with temptation lurking in my wardrobe ( that’s where I hid them to get out of my face). I can quite easily ignore the quality street and the celebrations but the Bailey’s chocolates are talking to me…..

Oh well its Christmas eve soon so I can have a couple and the rest will be eaten in pairs of two for every kilo I lose… god knows what I will do with the rest as the kids already have loads of sweets for Christmas and I don’t want them to put on what I lose ๐Ÿ™‚

How NOT to get tempted to raid the fridge



Here is a little habit I have formed over the last few days… My snack plate!

At the beginning of my diet I always had the problem of feeling peckish and going to the fridge and then looking at all the yummy stuff in there that I am not allowed to eat. It was SO tempting to go for the stuff that I didn’t allow myself. And this scenario happened several times a day. Then I thought, there must be a way of stopping this, because I really wanted my diet to work this time and last longer than a week.

So every morning, when I make my breakfast shake, I get a plate, go to the fridge and scan it for things that I will allow myself to eat and put them on my plate. I make sure that there are a lot of raw veggies, sometimes some berries or other food on there, which hardly have any calories, then I add some form of protein, such as slices of ham, a boiled egg or a bit of cheese and then take that upstairs to my desk from which I work all day.

This way I don’t have to go to the fridge again for the rest of the day and don’t get tempted into eating stuff which is not good for me and I don’t feel hungry all the time either ๐Ÿ™‚

Try it you might like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Damn you scales!


Ok, so it was weigh-in this morning. I already knew that my super loss from last week was not going to be topped, so I was not skipping to the scales quite as enthusiastically as i did last week. But I really was not prepared for this.

I stepped on them and was quite happy to see 119.8 kg. That was me at my first mini goal of getting below 120 kg. So happy days really. Therefore I thought I’d share my little bit of success with you guys and take a picture to include in my post. I went to get my phone stood back on the scales and WHAT?! 120.01 KG !!!! I stepped off them and got back on again after a minute, still the same (That’ll be the biscuits, meh!).

Talk about being gutted or what? Damn you digital scales, this is not fair! So what do I do? Do I accept the last reading or the first one? I would feel a little bit of a cheat ifย Iย was to accept the first one, I think.

Oh well, no matter how I see it, it’s about a 3 lb loss this week. If I was at school I would expect a “could do better” under my work. I know, ideally I should be losing two lbs a week, but as impatient as I am I want it to be more. I am not really exercising at the moment, which doesn’t help, but that is something that I am hoping to sort out over the ten days I have off for Christmas. There was a time, not so long ago, maybe two years or so, where I swam a mile every day. I am hoping to get back to that by summer and then the weight will fall off me hopefully.

Right now the next goal is 115 kg, then I’ll be as heavy as Mr. W ๐Ÿ™‚



The price of biscuits


Ok, so we baked, and baked, and guess what, they are still baking today. My house is overflowing with biscuits and cookies! Yes, they are having a great time baking and decorating them, which is really nice, but it’s killing me!!! The smell is lovely, it fills out the entire house and gets into my clothes and everything.

I must confess, yesterday when I got back from Mr. W’s house I had three biscuits ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But it REALLY wasn’t my fault. It would have been cruel and heartless not have some, as all three kids were stood there, asking me to sample their creations and were SO proud of them… So I did what any good mum would have done and had one of each :-/

The first one I didn’t enjoy at all because I knew I really shouldn’t be eating them, but they were really, really nice, therefore I didn’t mind the next two….. but now my body has had it’s sugar fix again and I ran round all night wanting something sweet. It almost drove me insane. The biscuits kept talking to me, reminding me of how nice they tasted and how one or two more wouldn’t hurt…

But I pulled myself together and thought: “No, if I have any more I might as well forget the last week of hard work to stick to this. So I am not going to give in!” And I didn’t have any for the rest of the day and reached for the baby plum tomatoes instead.

Now the little devils, ermmmmm I mean angels, are baking again and really, I would love to curl up on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a plate full of biscuits, but it’s weigh in day tomorrow and I so want to be below 120 kg, so again I will be good and keep myself busy with the hoodie which I am knitting for Mr.W for Christmas. Given the fact that I have only done the back and two thirds of the front so far, I have better things to do than stuff myself with rubbish anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a nice, temptation free day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚